The next piece of Watchmen marketing is upon us...

Watchmen: Portraits
has hit bookstore shelves ($31.50 at Amazon), and to whet our appetites for the picture book, Entertainment Weekly has posted 17 of the portraits inside. What's cool about the book is that it features both main and supporting cast members, and gives us a great look at Matt Frewer's Moloch, which you can see above, along with the first Nite Owl.

Unfortunately, I think a big opportunity was missed with this release. The prints are funky and all, but what would've been insanely great for Watchmen's alternate world of culture is a portrait book that riffs on classic pop photographers like Annie Liebovitz and Herb Ritts. (Just like the film does with Warhol and the result of our uber-recognizable culture.) It would've made for some great shots, and fit into the whole pop cultural feel. Imagine the Sandra Bernhard mouth replaced with The Comedian, or a naked Doc Manhattan curled around Laurie, just like John and Yoko. For more, watch this interview with the book's photographer Clay Enos over at Slashfilm -- and check out some of our favorite portraits below.

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