It seems like an entire lifetime ago since Josh Brolin popped up in Woody Allen'sMelinda and Melinda. That's the pre-superstar life, before he dazzled grindhouse audiences with his Dr. William Block, and critical audiences with Llewelyn Moss. But now he's returning to the Allen fold.

Varietyreports that Brolin and Anthony Hopkins have signed on to star in Allen's next film. But of course, in this early stage, both the title and the plot are being kept under wraps. (Which may be a smart move considering all the kerfuffle over his Vicky Cristina retitiling.) All we know is that it's an ensemble cast, and will shoot in London this summer.

Since Allen went back to his classic May-December theme for the upcoming Whatever Works, I can't help but wish that he decides to do the same for Brolin and Hopkins. It would be a new way to take Woody's ever-prevalent romantic urge and sass it up a bit. And come on -- Brolin and Hopkins would make for one heck of an interesting couple, or at least one that could really rock some classic Allen wordplay. A modern day Annie Hall!

It won't happen, but we should find out what this new one is all about once production gears up.
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