While catching up with the BBC miniseries State of Play (terrific stuff so far), I was discussing with a friend the only particularly troubling casting choice in the entire ensemble of the forthcoming American version: Russell Crowe. Though he was a last-minute replacement for Brad Pitt's role, that didn't prove nearly as bothersome as his street-smart Washington reporter persona and Farrah Fawcett 'do as evidenced in a recent trailer.

All kidding aside, my friend brought up a good point about Crowe's recent work -- she wished that he had stayed lean and hungry. It was a striking phrase, because I knew exactly what she meant and that it had nothing to do with his remaining Body of Lies body mass.

And so I turn the question to you lovely people -- what recent break-outs do you feel have already failed to live up to their promise, or have instead been a little less striking in their performances than one might've thought this time a year or two or ten ago? (Ryan Gosling's name keeps popping up in my head, but having just re-watched Lars and the Real Girl, I can't really knock him yet.)
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