After that rush of casting announcements, Scott Pilgrim VS the World is underway, and Edgar Wright is having a lot of fun teasing us from his MySpace blog. He's been quietly posting pictures of his cast this week.

The first was the Ramona Flowers photo I posted yesterday, and it's been joined by a proper photo of Mary Elizabeth Winstead all dressed up and ready to film. Now I'm seeing the dream girl worth fighting seven exes for. (And I apologize for being unimpressed with the original photo -- look at how well her eyes match her inked counterpart!)

We also got a glimpse of Knives Chau, played by the equally lovely Ellen Wong, and an action shot of the first evil ex Scott must do battle with -- Matthew Patel, who will be played by Satya Bhabha. The Street Fighter (at least, it looks like Street Fighter) screen grab behind him is a very nice touch. So far, I'm really loving the secondary casting -- and that said, where's our Michael Cera photo?

All of the shots are available in our brand new Scott Pilgrim gallery below. I predict it will expand a lot more in the weeks to come, courtesy of Wright's MySpace.

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