So it's a couple days before Valentine's Day, and you HAVE to get your movie-loving significant other/friend/family member/offspring something because that's what the TV commercials told you to do -- and so we've come along with five last-minute ideas that aren't necessarily V-Day specific, but should satisfy nonetheless.

1.A Copy of Jerry Maguire and U Complete Me Pillow Cases
Perhaps you'd like a present that's part purchase and part do-it-yourself, and if that's the case might we suggest picking up a copy of Jerry Maguire ... and then heading over to Creature Comforts where they give you instructions on how to create your own set of U Complete Me pillow cases (see image above).

2. The Film Snob's Dictionary
Are you a film snob dating someone who doesn't understand half the silly references that spew out of your mouth each and every single day? Then how about you pick up a copy of the Film Snob's Dictionary for that special someone and help exploit the movie geek inside all of us.

3.A Copy of High Fidelity and the USB Mixtape Memory Stick
High Fidelity, because it's an awesome movie, and then show your Me Generation partner that mix tapes are still all the rage by picking up this very cool USB Mixtape Memory Stick, which holds 60 minutes worth of music and comes in the form of an old school cassette tape - complete with liner notes so you can scrawl out your track list and make it personal.

4. Romantic Movies
Because it's the perfect time to cozy up next to that special someone and throw a little romance into your DVD player. Amazon has some great deals on romance DVDs (through February 16), with up to 48% off on Art-House Romance, up to 50% off on the Nicholas Sparks collection, 50% off on movies for lovers and 50% off on movies for haters.
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