Veidt Enterprises has brought us something awesomely retro and perfect for a little time-wasting this Valentine's week. Why cuddle up with conversational hearts when you can can kick the crap out of baddies in old 8-Bit video game action at the UK site for the film?

Unfortunately, while the Minutemen arcade game may taunt us with the likes of current heroes in the opening screen, you can only play with the original Nite Owl or Silk Spectre. But let me tell you -- that Spectre has some pretty powerful legs on her -- she can take out 3 baddies with a short tirade of kicks. You just walk along the street with a few simple controls and kick and punch your way through the baddies trying to stop you from getting to Moloch.

I only wish that this was a full-scale game. Can you imagine being able to load a whole retro Watchmen game on the Wii using old Nintendo game play? Go to war as Manhattan, drive Nite Owl's ship, or take down pesky Keane enforcers? We'll just have to settle for modern gaming with Watchmen: The End is Nigh I guess.
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