Although the first flick has grown on me a little bit since I first saw it last summer, I still think the main problem with Michael Bay's Transformers is a big one: The script. Like, virtually all of it. When the movie sticks to the pretty visuals and dazzling mayhem, I'm fine ... which is probably why I don't have any problems with this brand-new trailer for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

The promo clip won't officially debut online until Monday on Yahoo! Movies, but a few of the Friday the 13th moviegoers were felonious enough to smuggle some video cameras into the multiplexes. Which means, basically, that you can see the clip now ... but the quality isn't all that stellar. Here's the YouTube bootleg version and here's a better one at a site called

Lastly, while scanning through the T2: ROTF page at IMDb, I noticed two new additions that have me intrigued: One is cast member Rainn Wilson, and I think that guy's really funny. The other was screenwriter Ehren Kruger, which sort of explains why this trailer has a slight "horror flick" vibe to it.

I open the floor to reactions! I'd like to get one from a guy who LOVED the first flick but think this trailer SUCKS, and one from somebody who skipped Transformers, but will DEFINITELY see this one.
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