I never got the Megan Fox love. I can appreciate sexy women, but everything I saw on the young sexpot just didn't intrigue me ... until now. Entertainment Weekly has thrown up a whole slew of First Looks into movies and television show appearances, and I'm ready to see more Fox.

To the right is Ms. Fox dressed up, bloody, and pissed in Jennifer's Body. You might remember that this gig has her playing a mean teen possessed by a demon, who takes a "Lestat" sort of approach to killing. Fox says: "she takes revenge on men who she secretly hated her whole life anyway. I've always hated boys, so I identified with that very easily." (Sorry, boys. And please let this mean that "Maneater" is on the soundtrack...) If this image is any indication, Megan needs to get into some more excellent tough chica roles stat. Cast her, Joss Whedon!

There's also image love for I Love You, Man, Will Ferrell as Dubya, and an unrecognizable Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange in Grey Gardens -- an upcoming HBO film about the Bouviers. But my other favorite image has to go to the lovely Lauren Graham who looks amazing in 30's garb for Guys and Dolls. She really needs to get cast in some solid retro fare... Too bad she's too old to play Zelda Fitzgerald.
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