Just last month I wondered why Kevin James comes off as so comically inoffensive. Most of you commented on his lack of starring roles, and the fact that he hasn't been in our faces enough to inspire the vitriol spewed towards the likes of other disappointing funny men.

But now that might change -- Variety reports that the producers behind Paul Blart: Mall Cop are giving James another starring role, this time in Frank Coraci's The Zookeeper. Just call him Kevin 'The Keeper of Public Places' James. For this flick, written by Jay Sherick and David Ronn, James will play a zookeeper who plans to leave his job because he can't seem to meet a girl, only to have the animals intervene. Move over Ace Ventura!

Producer Todd Garner says that James was always a first choice because of his talents in physical comedy. Maybe, I guess, but I at least hope that they don't shuffle him into this unrealistically goofy and out-to-lunch Blartish role again. James is better with the sarcasm (just watch him talk about renting a car), and to leave that behind could very well thrust him into Murphy disappointment in a jiff.
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