Just like Will Shakespeare, Jane Austen has gotten a lot of play by modern media. Just last year, she got a taste of time travel with the UK-based miniseries Lost in Austen. But I guess the story was too much for the small screen because Varietyreports that the adaptation is making its way to the big screen -- with Sam Mendes attached to produce.

This latest spin on ol' Jane's works has added time traveling portals to the mix, allowing a modern girl named Amanda to change places with Pride and Prejudice's Elizabeth Bennet. Basically, Amanda wants to be left in peace to read her Austen when her drunken boyfriend messes things up, and out of nowhere Bennet appears in her bathroom (watch the clip here). From there, the girls trade places and the whole Pride and Prejudice world gets some new, more modern, life.

Guy Andrews, who penned the show, will tackle the movie screenplay, but there's no word on who will direct this latest romance fest. It would be really interesting to see what Mendes could do with it, but he's probably got his hands full with Preacher. There's also no word on whether Bond's Ms. Strawberry Fields Gemma Arterton (Bennet), or Kinky Boots'Jemima Rooper (Amanda) will retain their roles. ...or possibly go to lovely wife Winslet?

Are we ready to get Lost in Austen? Is there no limit to how much Austen us moviegoers can take? Or is it finally time to revel in other classic writers?
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