You see these guys at baseball games, basketball games, football games, rock concerts ... and pretty much anywhere there's an event taking place with tickets in high demand. Directed by Brandon Li and written by Nick Puga (who stars) and Mike Colby, this short follows a movie ticket scalper named Bobby in his attempts to scalp tickets to Watchmen on opening day.

The short won't blow you away, it's a tad on the amateur side and the secondary characters could've been stronger, but Puga's Bobby is definitely fun to watch as he nails the wise-talking, coffee-cup-holding stereotypical ticket scalper. And in this environment, outside a movie theater, the comedy works -- but I'd like to see them take it up a notch. I would've loved to see him try to talk up Watchmen like he knows all about it; screw up the names of characters ... what have you. This character has potential, and I'd be curious to see where they take him. Check it out below, and thanks to Cinematical reader Mawno for passing it along.