I'd like to think that our own Eric D. Snider knows what's funny, if only twice a day, so when he recommended Larry Doyle's "I Love You, Beth Cooper" last summer, I swiftly added it to my List of Stuff to Read Eventually and have succeeded in putting it off ever since. (I did, however, get around to "Apathy and Other Small Victories," and was consequently amused. Maybe I'm only off on these things by a year or so.)

Anyway, it's been long enough that we're getting a movie of the same name, and Fox has posted the first trailer on its official website -- scary timing, given Eugene's From Page to Screen column last week, on which Doyle himself wrote: "The first trailer should be popping up on the net any day now." (Oh. Guess I should've read that part first.)

Anyway, it does seem to be the PG-13 all-in-one-night humiliation fest that all previous descriptions had suggested. Paul Rust does look like the ideal dweeby valedictorian, and Hayden Panettiere does look like exactly the kind of girl one might throw it all out there for. (Did I say that out loud?)

Like it or not, I Love You, Beth Cooper opens July 10th, and should not be confused with this year's I Love You, Man or I Love You, Phillip Morris.