Every time I hear the word "reimagined," memories of Celebrity Death Match take over my brain. I don't imagine how great it would be to rethink the premise for the new MTV generation, but rather how great it would be to pit "inspired by" against "reimagined" -- the ultimate and I would hope FINAL showdown.

It seems that today's regurgitating moviemakers have forgotten the power of inspiration -- how you can take an old and beloved theme and run with it in a new and relevant way. It's the way of written art -- themes continue through the ages through life and writers taking classic ideas and making them their own.

But somewhere along the way, we got thrust into the circling, nausea-inducing whirlwind of reimagination. Rather than seeing a loved story like Beverly Hills Cop, The A-Team, The Three Stooges, The Birds, or The Crow and imagining ways that the themes could be rejigged with new characters for a modern audience, they become "reimagined." Sometimes it's just spinning the theme enough so that the scenarios and characters are the same but overall feel is different. Other times, it's trying to bank on the names of the film and characters when almost every other thing about the production is different.
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