Whenever the furious fanboys take an easy shot at director Michael Bay, I get slightly annoyed. Not because I think Pearl Harbor is underrated (it's junk) or I think Bad Boys 2 is entertaining (it's garbage), but because of one simple opinion: The Rock is the best pure action film since the original Die Hard -- and I consider Die Hard the Gone with the Wind of action flicks. Which would make The Rock sort of like Casablanca, I suppose.

I was always particularly impressed by the opening credits sequence of The Rock, mainly because it summarizes a lot of pertinent plot points in very slick and efficient fashion -- plus it comes with some pretty visuals, a great Hans Zimmer theme, and Ed Harris at his authoritative best. (Have you ever seen an army guy with THAT many medals??) But what's most interesting is that this credit sequence narrative is in the service of the antagonist! Yes, all this time spent setting up the villain, and not the hero! Plus you get a good taste of the great taste that Bruckheimer's people have when it comes to casting a movie.

Anyway enjoy the clip. I bet it inspires a few of you to watch The Rock again. My work here is done.
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