Diablo Cody Scorecard:
  • Projects that revel in the unconventional: 2
  • Horror Movies:2
With Juno, it seemed like Ms. Cody would be the new Queen of verbose quirk, but then she went and changed things up. She created a really interesting television show that wasn't suffocated in quirkspeak, wrote a horror movie, and is now lining up one more. According to Bloody Disgusting (via Production Weekly), she's grabbed S. G. Browne's upcoming novel Breathers: A Zombie's Lament. But this won't be her wordy baby -- Geoff LaTulippe will adapt the script while she acts as producer.

That's actually a little unfortunate, because I bet her written voice would work well in this world. The book focuses on a guy named Andy who has become a zombie. His new status alienates him from his friends and family, so he heads to an Undead Anonymous meeting to try and adjust. There he meets Rita, a suicide victim, and Jerry, a car crash victim ("with an exposed brain and a penchant for Renaissance pornography") who lead him towards the tongue-pleasing human flesh ... as well as a fight for zombie rights. Tell me that isn't the sort of world she could run wild with!

At the very least, we could do with more black comedy in this world.

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