"The Cupcakes will look up and shout "Eat us!"... and I'll whisper "Yes"

Cinematical reader Devin and his wife are huge Watchmen fans, and they sent over these images of Watchmen-themed cupcakes they created. We've featured tons of fan-created food before, but these just look so scrumptious and dangerous ... and damn do I want steal these and go hide in a corner somewhere. I always get a little freaked out by stuff like this because they look so cool and took so much work to create that part of me would feel guilty eating them. Then again, when do you not feel guilty eating something sweet?

Check out a few more images in the gallery below (courtesy of their flickr page), featuring a cupcake homage to The Comedian, Dr. Manhattan and Rorschach. Oh, and if you fans have any other pieces of groovy Watchmen-related awesomeness, feel free to send them along.

(Devin, next time we're totally asking for a taste test before we post.)

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