In an ideal world, I would want to see a fiery Russian play Black Widow in the upcoming Iron Man 2, but this is Hollywood, and nationality usually has little to do with casting. So, the spotlight turned to the UK, and the talented Emily Blunt became the IT-girl. However, there's also this little project called Gulliver's Travels, and the Jack Black-led little project might force Blunt to back out of the sequel.

Who could possibly take her place? According to Entertainment Weekly, it could be Scarlett Johansson, who has been in talks to take on the role.

Either the casting Powers That Be took the stupid pills, or this rumor is very false. (Or, they talked to her just to appease her interest.) By now, it's fairly obvious that big names + big talent is what makes these superhero projects so successful, and Johansson certainly hasn't made a "big talent" name for herself. Superstar presence, yes. Woman with acting chops ... not so much. After the mess surrounding Terrence Howard (a man with much more cred), you'd think they'd be even more picky than usual.

Therefore, in light of this news, you might want to start helping Marvel find a suitable replacement, or hope that these projects don't interfere. I'd imagine there's a good chance for the latter (production on Gulliver's starts on April 15, but Iron Man 2 doesn't even have a shooting script yet), but it's better to be safe than ScarJo sorry. Share your casting ideas below!
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