The world of Jonny Quest was never typical -- How many young tykes go on hair-raising adventures unless they're The Venture Brothers? -- but the casting for this sucker sure is.

Word of a Jonny Quest movie first hit back in August of 2007, and in his post, Erik said: "will Zac Efron dye his hair blonde and play Jonny?!" Then Peter Segal was talking up the project, and musing that The Rock should place Race Bannon. Now, Moviehole reports that Dwayne Johnson is definitely Bannon, and Efron is in line to play Jonny, although he's not a lock due to Efron's advanced, 17-year-old age. While I can see the allure, that's a big change to add into the mix.

Then again, I'm sure there are a lot of changes to be made. I mean, they can't talk about the productive perks of hallucinogenic drugs these days, and it wouldn't be very PC to keep Hadji as the turbaned magic kid. This all just leads me to the same conclusion: The Rock might be a good choice for Bannon, but they might as well go for a newer project, one that takes the ideas of Quest and morphs it for a modern audience. Oh right, that's already been done.

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