UPDATED: Check out the new full-length trailer below or over at Yahoo Movies ...

Although the first flick has grown on me a little bit since I first saw it last summer, I still think the main problem with Michael Bay's Transformers is a big one: The script. Like, virtually all of it. When the movie sticks to the pretty visuals and dazzling mayhem, I'm fine ... which is probably why I don't have any problems with this brand-new trailer for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

While scanning through the T2: ROTF page at IMDb, I noticed two new additions that have me intrigued: One is cast member Rainn Wilson, and I think that guy's really funny. The other was screenwriter Ehren Kruger, which sort of explains why this trailer has a slight "horror flick" vibe to it.

I open the floor to reactions! I'd like to get one from a guy who LOVED the first flick but think this trailer SUCKS, and one from somebody who skipped Transformers, but will DEFINITELY see this one.