The first X-Men Origins: Wolverine television spot aired on FOX Sunday night -- and they really packed some bang for their 60 second buck, as they just about managed to give us all of Wolverine's childhood in one go. If you're unfamiliar with Wolverine and want his origin (and his real name) to be as fresh as a daisy come May 1st, avoid this. But if you're a diehard fanboy/girl who's read every issue and solo series, go ahead. This is straight out of the Bronte-heavy Wolverine: Origin series -- in fact it's an improvement, because it clears up that pesky paternity issue.

I still have issues with Wolverine willingly signing up to be part of Weapon X and pumped full of adamantium, but that's just because I have to nitpick at something. Otherwise, you'd think I was being too nice because of how much Hugh Jackman is on display.