I've always found it tricky to navigate the indie world by trailers alone. Many mundane trailers taint great films, and many decent trailers leave the nagging question: Is it cute in two minutes, but falls flat at an hour-plus? Armed with a great review and the solid trailer above, I don't think we'll have to worry about that with Bart Got a Room.

Unlike the hordes of teen comedies where the kids all look "perfect," the lives seem more Clueless than real, and it's all thrust into the mainstream pop mindset -- a habit that really must die -- Bart Got a Room sets snarky realism against a far-from-flashy South Florida backdrop. There's the obligatory teen trauma: Getting a date for the prom, but as Erik said in his Tribeca review last year: "It's not complex, it's not much different from other nerdy-teen-needs-date-for-prom flicks, but it sure as hell packs a ton of heart and has a lot of fun."

And you've gotta feel for a kid (Steven J. Kaplan) who can't find a prom date when the school loser (Bart) can -- which only leads mom (Cheryl Hines) to secure a hotel room for the kid in extreme pity, while dad (William H. Macy) goes on and on about sex. The film hits theaters on April 3.