All this week we'll be highlighting some of our favorite scenes from Oscar-winning films and performances leading up to this year's Academy Awards on Sunday night.

Yeah, I'll say it: Daniel Day-Lewis' performance in There Will Be Blood is not only one of the best we've seen in the last couple of decades, but I'll go as far as to say it's one of the best performances by a male actor that I've ever seen. Day-Lewis won the best actor Oscar last year for his role as oil-hungry entrepreneur Daniel Plainview in this film directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. Most people love to replay the final moments from this flick -- which include that oh-so-memorable line about drinking milkshakes -- but there's something about this scene below that I just adore. Something about the little mind games Plainview and Sunday (Paul Dano) play; the lies, the deception, the greed, the anger, the heartbreak -- it's all just brilliant. Of course this scene means a whole lot more when you watch it in context, but I also believe this scene by itself makes for a great preview of the overall themes and plot of the entire film. Check it out below ...

There Will Be Blood
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