I never thought two minutes could spoil so much.

Somehow, I wasn't worried about seeing "too much" of X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I know the character inside and out, I have way too many spin-offs and essential volumes, I've done a whole column based purely on a trailer -- and now another out of two minutes of footage. Except this isn't really about Wolverine, exactly, it's about wishing that summer blockbusters (and fall, winter, and spring) left a little more to the imagination.

It's silly to whine about being spoiled when it comes to Wolverine or Watchmen -- like I said, I know these stories. I can quote them. I have the characters on t-shirts and hoodies. But when your favorite character or story appears onscreen, there will (hopefully) be something fresh in the telling. At the very least, it will blow your mind to see that scene acted out in all its big-budgeted special effects glory. That's the experience that I go to the movie theater for, and it's the experience that's disappearing slowly with every television spot and viral marketing campaign.

It's February ... and I already know the finer points of Wolverine. I know where the story is going. I've even seen Logan grieving over Silver Fox. Yeah, these are things I already knew about, but given that the film is reinventing his origin, I wanted to be surprised in the way they did it.

The same thing happened last summer with The Dark Knight and Iron Man. I was spoiled on Rachel Dawes' death thanks to a newspaper article needing geek hits by way of Aaron Eckhart. We all saw Tony Stark declare "Yeah -- I can fly" on our laptop screens, not on the big screen ... and we also watched the best moments of Hulk smashing before we paid our 10 bucks to actually watch it.. We just can't help ourselves.

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