I thought we'd already been through this... The initial rumors and first word of a WarGames sequel, the silence followed by the inevitable continuation of the project, and the ill-reviewed and mostly ignored result. But this is Hollywood, and at least they doggedly stick to their try and try again mentality, and this time, there's a good chance that this won't be an ignorable project.

While Production Weekly is subscriber-only, they have a Twitter feed that shares little morsels of news, like the following report: "Leonardo DiCaprio looking to reboot the 80's thriller "War Games" at MGM." Yes, move over Matt Lanter, Leo wants to to do his own take on WarGames. But this won't be a sequel, this will be one of those dreaded reboots. First Ralph Maccio gets replaced with Jaden Smith, now Matthew Broderick will be replaced with ... I shudder to think.

I'm not sure how WarGames re-dos fit into a professional life busy with acting gigs like Beat the Reaper and production gigs like Akira, but maybe this is only the first breaths of a project that will fall into development hell. Oh, how I hope. But how about you? Are you super-excited to see WarGames rebooted?
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