The second X-Men Origins: Wolverinespot has aired, and if you want to steer clear of spoilers, don't watch. Given that the film supposedly runs well under 2 hours, these 3 minute spots may just leave us little to see on May 1.

They're definitely giving Wolverine a whole new origin with this film -- as loyal fangirl, I'm of mixed opinion on that. The logical side says that his comic origin has become too cluttered and convoluted to every put onscreen, and that cherry-picking the best origin stories is the ideal solution. But of all the stories to cement, why choose Wolverine's aristocratic background? Of all the things to change, why alter his connection to Sabretooth and participation in Weapon X? (I know what they said in X2 -- and I maintain that they should have just kept that as a nasty little lie from William Stryker.)

However, it looks like they are making a tidier resolution of the Team X storylines, and I'm digging all the war and romance. Poor, poor Silver Fox.