UPDATED -- There's a new "mystery" image that hit the Internet today, and is in the gallery below. Your guess as to who it might be ... but ours is Jason Schwartzman, although who he is playing is for better Pilgrim fans than me to guess at.

It's just as well my head cold prevented me from posting the latest Scott Pilgrim glimpse, because now you get two characters for the price of one. Happy Wednesday!

Directly from Edgar Wright's blog is the man we've all waited for -- Michael Cera as Scott Pilgrim himself. My heart skipped a little beat to see his jacket so faithfully replicated. It's really the little things that count.

Next up is Chris Evans as Lucas Lee, the second of Ramona Flowers' evil exes. He's a pro-skateboarder turned movie star and full of swagger. It's casting perfection.

If that's not enough Scott Pilgrim to tide you over until the next photo, CHUD's Devin Faraci caught up with Bryan Lee O'Malley to talk about the series so far, and the upcoming film. Cera's controversial casting was the last question on the table, and O'Malley laughed off the criticism. "I'm pretty sure he can do it. People have really different ideas of what Scott is like. A lot of people see Scott as being really, really cool and really handsome ... and I don't know about that. There was a good quote on the CHUD forum the other day where somebody was taking these people to task. He said, 'Scott is a guy who cries when his roommate saves over his Final Fantasy game - you don't think his voice cracks from time to time?' Me and Edgar and Michael [Bacall] the writer, we don't see Scott as being a hero-like idol. We don't see him as Zac Efron or whatever. Nobody ever suggested anybody else to play Scott. I think Michael Cera is going to do a f---ing awesome job." I don't know if that will lesson the fears of fans (sound off, William Goss), but there you have it ... and nightmares of Zac Efron in the jacket to boot.
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