Growing up, I'd always see guys like Dick Tracy use that ridiculously cool video wrist-watch phone and I'd wish something like that were real. Well, guess what -- it's finally real. Orange has announced the LG G910 Touch Watch phone in Europe, making it the first video watch phone to be sold by a major mobile carrier. With a planned release date of "later this year," the LG G910 is 13.9 mm thick, comes with a blue-tooth headset and features a full touch-screen interface, 3G HSDPA, video-calling capabilities and an MP3 player, according to the press release.

As the PR points out: "Whether it is searching for restaurants and making video conference calls, or watching sports clips and listening to music on the built-in MP3 player, Orange customers will be able to enjoy the same multimedia experience on a watch, as they do on other mobile phones." Personally, I'd use it to solve crimes like Dick Tracy, or pick up women like James Bond ... but I suppose you can use it to search for a restaurant or whatever. Check out a couple additional images down below.

So have at it: Who's buying one of these?