As you read Cinematical's pre-festival coverage of South By Southwest, do you get a little envious knowing that we'll be in Austin and you won't? GOOD. That was our intention. But our efforts to drive you mad with jealousy are being partially thwarted by a just-announced partnership with IFC that will bring five SXSW films directly to your home at the same time they're unspooling at the fest.

It's through IFC's on-demand system, which is available on most of your major cable providers, and the films will be available for three months, not just for the week that SXSW runs. The biggest title is Alexander the Last (pictured), directed by SXSW mumblecore regular Joe Swanberg (it's his fourth film to premiere at SXSW!). You'll also get Bulgaria's Oscar submission Zift, which some folks are saying is an instant midnight cult fave, and Three Blind Mice, a dark comedy from Australia.

The other two IFC/SXSW titles came from last year's festival and are getting an encore this year. They are Medicine for Melancholy (here's our review) and Paper Covers Rock.

We've said this before, but it's pretty cool to have all these viewing options available, especially for small films that could never afford the monstrous distribution costs otherwise. We live in the future, people. The future! So when SXSW kicks off on March 13, dial up IFC on-demand on your cable doohicky and join us, won't you?