We've all been there before: You're invited to some cool kids Oscar party, but you're afraid to go because you didn't even see half the nominated films. And you just know everyone will be chatting up this year's nominees as if they directed the films themselves, leaving you tired, scared and alone off shivering in the corner near those tasty mini franks. But what if you had some sort of cheat sheet -- like a guide that shows you how to fake your way through any Oscars party? Would that help?

Luckily, our peeps over at Moviefone have flown in to rescue those last-minute Oscar bandwagon fans who desperately want to pretend they know all about Frozen River ("It's kind of like 'Maria Full of Grace' meets 'Fargo.'"), Milk ("It's got a positive, uplifting message that anyone -- gay or straight -- can connect with."), The Curious Case of Benjamin Button ("It's kind of like 'Forrest Gump' meets 'Cocoon.'"), Slumdog Millionaire ("The dance scene at the end made me want to run out and rent a week's worth of Bollywood movies.") and those other Oscar-nominated movies ... even if they didn't yet have a chance to actually watch them. So head on over to Moviefone to snag some of these fantastic one-liners, then thank us later ... after you impress your friends and woo everyone with your slick, snarky movie knowledge.

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