Mickey RourkeActors are often the last people to know what's going on in their careers, but if you can't believe an Academy Award nominee, who can you trust? Mickey Rourke "grimly" told New York Magazine'sVulture blog: "Right now, we're not doing Iron Man 2."

That settles that, right? We move on to the next hot, resurrected star? Except it doesn't, because he had to preface his comment with that lovely, vague modifier "right now." Did he mean that he wasn't acting in Iron Man 2 "right now" because he was at a fashion show? Did he mean, We're still negotiating so I can't say anything "right now"? Was Mickey grim because he could use a paycheck, even one for a measly $250,000, "right now"? Oh, Mickey, you're so fine, why can't you lock this deal down and put us all out of our agony?

Compare Mickey's terse comment with the even more vague statements by Robert Downey Jr. a couple of weeks ago. Will Rourke be in the movie? "If he signed on to do it, I'm super excited." Which villain would he play, Crimson Dynamo or Whiplash? "[I can] neither confirm nor deny that. Maybe it's some semblance of both."

On the positive side, Rourke told NYMag that he's taking his agent David Unger as his date to the Oscar ceremony on Sunday. Will that facilitate further negotiations? Will they spend the entire show talking about the deal, thus disturbing everyone sitting around them? And how much money does Rourke really want to appear in a guaranteed box office hit?

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