Oh, Breckin Meyer, what happened to you? In the '90s, things were going well. You got a little Clueless, got mixed up in The Craft, led Lovebürger -- all sorts of successful teen fare. But then ... Road Trip got you on the wrong highway until you were suffocating in projects like Herbie and Garfield.

If it wasn't for his animated gigs, I don't know what would've happened to Meyer. But now Production Weekly says he's turned to scriptwriting -- penning the Harry Elfont and Deb Kaplan-created Superguys. They say: "think Ocean's 11 with idiots set at Comic-Con." Man, Con is hot right now. Anyway, this reunites Meyer with the duo who created Can't Hardly Wait. Could this mean something good? Maybe? Or am I just fooling myself with hope?

Meanwhile, the much more successful Clueless alum Paul Rudd has a new gig lined up. He and Owen Wilson are in talks to star in Reese Witherspoon's latest romantic comedy. Yes! Should these talks work out, Wyatt Trips and Ivy Miller will be reunited! (Monsters vs. Aliens doesn't really count.) The untitled feature would pit Paul and Owen against each other to grab Reese's heart -- Paul as a "white-collar executive" and Owen as "a professional baseball pitcher."

Please. There's no way Mr. Wilson can come between the spazzy loves of Overnight Delivery. Actually ... this is probably a bad idea because I love that movie so much that it'll just leave me with ridiculously high expectations. I'd want snarky Reese, great Kevin Smith-influenced dialog ("It's no Jesus walking on water, I give it a six."), and most definitely at least one scene of classic, wacky Rudd dancing.

Reese and Paul might want to remove their last project from our memories, but I will clutch to it 'til the end!
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