My good pal Kevin over at Moviefone just sent over a link to a blog that's posting what they claim is a list of this year's Academy Award winners -- saying, "We don't know who leaked this, but thanks a bunch! Enjoy folks." Of course there's a very good chance it's a fake, but as Kevin noted in our AIM conversation: "I mean, it looks right... the fact that Best Supporting Actress is outta nowhere somehow lends it credibility." He's referring to Amy Adams, who this site says is the winner of the Best Supporting Actress Oscar.

But she's not the only surprise in the lot -- both screenplay awards seem a bit fishy, with Best Adapted going to The Reader and Original Screenplay going to In Bruges. Don't get me wrong, I think In Bruges is fantastic -- but will it win the Oscar? Doubt it. And what about The Curious Case of Benjamin Button winning Best Costume Design? As far as the big awards, they claim Slumdog Millionaire wins Best Picture and Best Director, while Mickey Rourke and Kate Winslet take top acting honors and Heath Ledger, of course, slides away with the Best Supporting Actor win. Those are all expected wins, though.

Check out their full list after the jump and let us know what you think. (Please note that in no way do we advise you to throw a bunch of money down on these picks. You'd be a giant moron if you did. Just sayin' ...)
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