Robert Osborne"I think 'The Dark Knight' maybe deserves to be [nominated for Best Picture] because it really [demonstrates] what a movie does that no other medium can do."

As any film buff knows, Robert Osborne is the anecdote- and trivia-spewing host of Turner Classic Movies (TCM), the acclaimed writer of the Hollywood Reporter's 'Rambling Reporter' column and, well, THE MAN when it comes to anything Academy Awards related.

In fact, Osborne is the official biographer of "Oscar" thanks to a series of books he's written on the subject -- the first being '60 Years of the Oscar,' published in 1988, and the most recent '80 Years of the Oscar,' published just last year. Since 2006, he's also been the official red carpet greeter at the Academy Awards, which means he gets to hobnob with Brangelina and whoever else happens to stroll down the pathway to the Kodak Theater.

The film biz legend chats with Moviefone about his take on this year's Oscar noms (Is 'Slumdog Millionaire'really that good? What happened to a nod for 'The Dark Knight'?); reveals his most embarrassing red carpet faux pas (hint: it involves a hip-hop star); and reminisces about his old pal Lucille Ball. -- By Tom DiChiara

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