So long as there are movies, they will have endings, and so long as there are endings, we will have spoilers, and so long as there are spoilers, the Fine Brothers will be sure to cover the lot of 'em in a remarkably condensed span of time.

Yes, from the makers of "100 Movie Spoilers in 4 Minutes" comes all Best Picture winners (and this year's nominees) spoiled in 5! That's right, five glorious minutes of all the action, intrigue, romance, Crash-bashing and Milk-mocking one could possibly ask for -- and yet again, clothing is optional. (Even Meg Ryan's back in the mix!) And if you think Hitchcock didn't want late moviegoers to know the ending of his films, it's a good thing he didn't see these videos.

I admittedly went with some selective muting when watching the earlier portion (sorry if we haven't all seen How Green Was My Valley), but the provided trivia up top and take-offs later on were welcome still. Kudos, you brothers from an entirely different mother I don't hardly know myself, for keeping even the spoiler-wary entertained.