I'll confess to being in the dark as to why certain DVDs don't boast an audio commentary by the filmmakers when they actually want to do one, so while I won't strike out blindly against The Studios for getting in the way, I instead admire those who see fit to give their fans what they want.

Case in point: Following in the footsteps of Darren Aronofsky and The Fountain, director Ben Rock and some of his cast and crew members have come together for a full commentary track, now posted over on Dread Central to accompany this week's release of Alien Raiders. The film -- which, and I think Ben will agree with me, is nothing like The Fountain -- concerns a team of specialists (led by none other than 24's Tony Almeida) who lock down a small-town supermarket for reasons that you may be able to deduce from that title (a title that's frankly more campy than the flick is).

Scott and I both saw this at Fantastic Fest last year, and I don't think it's any great stretch to say that it's probably the best thing put out under the Raw Feed label to date, and given the film's exceedingly tight production schedule, I'm willing to bet that this might make for a pretty informative listen.
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