You think I have a good job? Ha! The guys over at spend all year sifting through cinematic nakedness, and then (just to show us how awesome they are) they pare the pulchritude down to only the nicest nudity of the year! Now, don't get your panties in a bunch, people. I've always believed that Mr. Skin approaches cinematic nudity with the proper tone: Playful, respectful, and (yes) rather horny in a schoolboy way. And don't even pretend that you're above movie nudity. We all love it. It's normal to love it, y'know.

Anyway, you can explore the full list of winners in a second, but for now let's just focus on some selected skin from the 10th Annual Anatomy Awards!

Best Oscar-Nominated Skin: Marisa Tomei for The Wrestler. (Polite leering aside, I think Ms. Tomei might be bringing home her second Oscar for this outstanding performance.)
Best Butt: Anna Faris for The House Bunny, which I have in my DVD player, but I haven't watched yet. Maybe now I will.
Breast Picture: The little-seen but amusing Sex and Death 101. Sophie Monk is in it!!
Best Horror Movie Hooters: Laura Ramsey for The Ruins and Jess Weixler for Teeth. Do they get two awards each?
Best DVD Reissue: Caligula Blu-Ray Imperial Edition. For those who don't mind suffering for their skin.
Best DVD Bonus Scene: Erica Durance in House of the Dead. (Better be one hell of a nude scene for me to buy this DVD!)
Life "Skinchievement" Award: The brave, British, and frequently unclothed Kate Winslet!

And just to prove that the Anatomy Awards are entirely legit and not at all smutty, I refer you to a Yahoo! article on the event. Surely Yahoo! wouldn't link to something unsavory! For a whole lot more (yet still SFW), check out the full list of threadless winners right here.