The producers of this Sunday's Academy Awards telecast have been vocal about their intentions to change some things about the show. But apart from hiring a non-comedian, Hugh Jackman, as the host, they've been silent on what those changes might be -- until now! Cinematical has obtained an exclusive look at some of the surprises in store for Oscar viewers this weekend, and we're pleased to share a few of them with you here.

  • Just for laughs, the "In Memoriam" montage will feature several people who are still alive.
  • The audience seat-fillers were all recruited from Burbank's homeless population.
  • If Heath Ledger wins the Oscar for his role as the Joker in "The Dark Knight," it will be accepted by Cesar Romero.
  • You know how the president of the Academy always comes out and gives a long, boring speech about goodness-knows-what, and you take that opportunity to go to the bathroom? Well, stay put, because this time he's going to be set on fire.
  • No more courteous orchestra music to cue long-winded award recipients, as the stage now has a trapdoor.
  • The show will be broadcast only in Spanish.