Today is a crazy day for exclusives here at Cinematical headquarters. Earlier our own Eric D. Snider shared with you a major inside scoop on what changes we should expect from this year's Oscars ceremony, and now we have something you Tomb Raider fans might wanna tune in for. Not long ago, we received an email with a subject line that read, simply, "I am the new Lara Croft." The image above -- which you can check out in larger form down below -- shows a mysterious actress holding an image of Lara Croft up to her eyes. Obviously this is totally post-worthy since she has, well, a pair of really sexy eyes ... but dammit if we can't figure out who she is.

Someone on our team guessed Jason Scwhartzman, but from what I know he's off shooting that Scott Pilgrim movie ... and, of course, he's a dude. I'm thinking Emily Blunt or Amy Adams, based on that sensual-but-oh-so-sweet look she gives the camera. Last we heard on the Tomb Raider front, Warners was rebooting the franchise and Megan Fox's name was being thrown around. I don't think that's Fox in the image above (even though she looks foxy -- heh, get it?), but it's possible. Check out a larger version below and weigh in with your thoughts ...

Who is that mysterious female?

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