In a movie world where we get a riiidiculous number of copycat films and retreads, Lincoln was my breath of fresh air. I was ready to see Honest Abe rule the big screen like he does the halls of Presidential history. He doesn't get much play, and now is the best time to give him center stage. Just last week was the bicentennial of his birth. John Adams recently got a kickass miniseries that was pretty darned popular. With Barack Obama as president, memories of Lincoln have increased. All the signs point to yes.

Except for the money, that is. In these troubled times, not even Steven Spielberg is safe. DreamWorks is really hurting right now, and as The Big Money reports, money woes have stopped Lincoln in its tracks, and "cost Spielberg the right to partner on his passion project." Over the weekend, he hoped that Paramount would take kindly to Abe, pick up the project, and hire him to direct it. But as of Wednesday, a source says that Paramount declined.

Step up, Disney. Please. You've got a Hall of Presidents, and as the report states, Jim Hill recently blogged that Disney was thinking of having Liam Neeson (the man in line to be Lincoln) be the new voice of Abe for the attraction. It's all perfect! It just has to happen. I fear that if things don't get moving now, they never will. This is the best time for Lincoln to hit screens, and the window is slipping by in the blink of an eye.

Don't we deserve this? We've put up with the unoriginality, the remakes, the re-imaginings, the hordes of competing projects about one story, and all the small slices of life and history that Hollywood zeroes in on. It would be quite sad to kill the projects rich with material and potential, just to be monotonous.
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