We've totally stumbled upon the first (or second) big trend of 2009, and it has to do with listening to uncomfortable movie-related audio files. While no one secretly recorded Watchmen screenwriter David Hayter (X-Men, X-Men 2) as he shouted foul-mouthed obscenities toward 20th Century Fox executives, the dude had no problem opening up during the Watchmen press day in Los Angeles yesterday when asked about his thoughts on the whole Warner Bros./20th Century Fox feud. A couple of quotes:

"I had worked for 20th Century Fox before, and I was fully under the belief that they had the potential to shut down the movie and remake it themselves out of pure spite and meanness. They're a rough group of people ... and somewhat ethically challenged."

"... My experience told me that they could shut down this movie, and lock it away in Rupert's vault ... and make it the most unseen desired cult movie of all time ... but I was extremely concerned. Many producer friends of mine said the same thing as Alex - that they're just going for money or whatever -- but I was like, 'Yeah, okay, but there's something beyond money going on at that studio and it has to do with ... Satan." [Listen to the complete audio over at Hollywood Outbreak]

So ... we should assume this Hayter won't be penning any future X-Men movies for Fox then? Whaddya think? In other Watchmen news, Collider confirmed that the Watchmen DVD will have a Director's Cut that's 3 hours and 10 minutes, and another cut with Tales of the Black Freighter mixed in which will run at 3 hours and 25 minutes. FINALLY ... check out four Watchmen clips after the jump ...