Watching 'Titanic' in Londo (Photograph: Chris Jackson/Getty)

Millions of people will gather together with friends and/or strangers to watch the Academy Awards on Sunday night. It's a way to celebrate the movies we love, mock the movies we hate, argue good-naturedly about our differing opinions, and quiz each other on the artistic contributions of the sound editor vs. the sound mixer.

In a crappy economic climate, though, how should Hollywood show sensitivity? "It's a delicate balance to strike in a town not known for its restraint," notes the Los Angeles Times. "Oscar parties such as the Vanity Fair bash and Madonna's annual soiree are being scaled back considerably, but certainly not canceled. (Expect to munch on mini hamburgers instead of foie gras, and don't be surprised to see recycled decor from parties past.)" Oh, dear!

Sensitive as always to ordinary movie fans, for the first time ever the Academy "is offering a free 'Oscar Party Kit' for movie fans," according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Indeed, the official Oscar Party Kit includes recipes from Wolfgang Puck, cocktail recipes, downloadable "Oscar Bingo" cards, and an "Oscar Party Shopping List," complete with video clips.

If you're rooting for Slumdog Millionaire, why not prepare authentic Indian food? Waverly Kitchens offers the WK Movie Party Pack, including spice mix, shopping list, and instructions. The site also has a playlist of this year's nominated songs.

You can ignore the economic indicators (and good taste) and go big, like the celebration pictured above. The Guardian says that folks were invited to dress up in early 20th Century costume and watch James Cameron's multi-Oscar winner Titanic while floating in rowing boats at a swimming pool in central London, "surrounded by dry ice and fake icebergs."

What are your Oscar-watching party plans? Please share in the comments section!

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