I really am torn when it comes to horror remakes. On the one (obvious) hand, I like it when movies I dig are left alone. On the other (fanboyish) hand, I do think it's pretty fun to see how the new writers and producers are going to gussy up an older horror flick. Plus if the new version of Friday the 13th leads to a little more attention / respect for the original film...

But with the new Friday choking about $43 million out of the holiday weekend, it leads to an obvious question: Since Jason just re-ignited the whole dang remake game, which titles are next to get tossed into the "do over" machine? Already on the docket for this year (and next) are remakes of The Birds, The Crazies, The House on Sorority Row, It's Alive, The Last House on the Left, Halloween 2, Hellraiser, Motel Hell, Night of the Demons, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Piranha, Scanners, The Stepfather, and The Wolf Man. And I'm sure I'm forgetting a few.

But what of, say, Hell Night? Linda Blair could do a cameo! Or maybe hire Tobe Hooper to remake his own The Funhouse? I mean, if Sorority Row is getting a remake, then all bets are off, right? Then how about Final Exam, Graduation Day, or Happy Birthday to Me? I can only imagine that the guy who owns the remake rights to Bad Dreams is staring at his phone, willing it to ring. And we needn't be focused on slashers only. Hell, some of the '80s best horror flicks are more than ripe for (ahem) re-imagining: Raimi's The Evil Dead, for example, or Stuart Gordon's fantastic Re-Animator, Stan Winston's Pumpkinhead, or (brace yourselves) Peter Jackson's Dead Alive / Brain Dead! Perhaps a remake of the remake of The Thing, The Fly, or The Blob?

Don't think they haven't been considered. But my two questions to you are this: What would you like to see remade ... and what wouldn't you? (Oh, and after the jump: A handy resource that I plan to keep updated. Please let me know if I forgot any titles.)