The Losers has been tossed around like a cinematic game of hot potato. Peter Berg wrote the adaptation and was going to direct it, then be backed out and McG took over in March of 2007, and then Tim Story took over a few months later in June, and then things got back on track and rejigged with Sylvain White in the directorial chair last November. Now things seem to be not only on-track, but into casting!

The Hollywood Reporter posts that our beloved Comedian, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, is in negotiations to star in the film. It's certainly not a surprising move for the actor. The comic book was rejigged for a more modern story, and the film will focus on a special forces team betrayed by their boss and left for dead. Tough guys won't take such things lying down, so the Losers decide to get revenge against the CIA.

Morgan would play Clay, "the group's leader, whose signature look favors black suits without ties." (Morgan might be repeating with the old-tough guy working for the government thing, but at least he gets a different set of clothes. And at least this project isn't another bad romcom. Anyway...) So this new Clay is Sarge meets Lt. Templeton 'Face' Peck? Speaking of The A-Team, you just know that this project is kicking up now to compete with or beat it.

Do any of you have suggestions for the rest of the casting?

*Post edited for mental lapse.
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