The poster for Fired Up! emphasizes the letters "F" and "U," as if it were almost, but not quite brave enough to do something dirty. It's ostensibly a movie about two horny teenage high school football players (played by thirty year-olds) who sneak into cheerleader camp to get laid. It sounds like it could be a kind of Porky's and Meatballs sandwich. But the PG-13 rating that's required to lure in horny teenage boys prevents the characters from saying or doing anything dirty, like taking off too many clothes or having sex (in fact, there's arguably more male flesh on display here than female flesh). And so instead of sneaking, the boys have to pretend that they're on the team. And thus all the jokes, and the plot, go about halfway, then pull back in shame -- unless they're gay jokes, in which case anything goes. (Strange hypocrisy, that.)

Only Eric Christian Olsen as football captain Nick has enough of a carefree attitude to lighten things up; he's the one that makes a funny face or a snarky comment anytime anyone says or does anything stupid -- which is nearly all the time -- but even he can't save the entire film. His pal is sensitive Shawn (Nicholas D'Agosto), who has the misfortune to fall in love with his teammate Carly (Sarah Roemer), thereby losing interest in his mission. He can't have Carly because 1) he has lied to her about his reason for sneaking into cheerleading camp, and 2) she has an obnoxious boyfriend, a med student called Dr. Rick (David Walton) who sings along with Chumbawumba in his convertible BMW ("it's like the soundtrack to my life!"). Carly is also the only woman smart enough not to fall for the duo's seductive sweet-talk ("I don't usually open up like this") but she's even dumber than all the rest of the women, since she has fallen for Dr. Rick's annoying shtick.