I guess the best place to start would be from the beginning.

See, filmmaker Edgar Wright has been steadily photo-blogging his exploits on the set of his potentially (probably?) awesome Scott Pilgrim adaptation, revealing casting decisions by having his actors conceal their faces with portraits of their respective characters.

With a wink and nudge, Cinematical then 'exclusively revealed' that its own Elisabeth Rappe had been cast as the new face of Lara Croft in the upcoming Tomb Raider sequel/reboot.

Well, in a twist of meta-blog-a-go-go proportions, it appears that Wright himself has stepped up for the role, as indicated by this most recent casting announcement blitz-o-rama-tacular.

In a prepared statement, Rappe had the following to say: "I was genuinely looking forward to playing Lara Croft. I had put in hours of physical training, had the required plastic surgery, and had performed numerous sexual favors in order to secure the role. However, if the studio is looking to go in another direction, I understand. I wish Mr. Wright well -- I know he has better legs than I do, and I have no doubt he'll make a fantastic Tomb Raider."

Your move, Ed.
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