Independent Spirit Awards - 2009 (Film Independent)

The Independent Spirit Awards were presented this afternoon inside a giant white tent in beautiful Santa Monica, California. Darren Aronofsky's The Wrestler led the way, taking home three Spirits for Best Feature, Best Male Lead (Mickey Rourke) and Best Cinematography (Maryse Alberti). Accepting the award for Best Feature, Aronofsky said that while "working on special effects for a space movie," he realized that he loved working with actors most of all, and dedicated the award to his cast.

Melissa Leo won Best Female Lead for her work in Frozen River, while James Franco was awarded Best Supporting Male for Milk and Penelope Cruz was named Best Supporting Female for Vicky Cristina Barcelona. In somewhat of a surprise, Tom McCarthy won Best Director for The Visitor.

Rourke gave the most entertaining speech of the show, broadcast life on IFC, first kissing Aronofsky on the lips before proceeding to the stage and paying tribute to actor Eric Roberts ("he deserves a second chance"), dedicating his award to his recently deceased dog Loki, crediting actress Marisa Tomei ("not many girls can climb the pole"), and encouraging director Aronofsky to embrace being called "a mean son of a b****."

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