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Sure, you can sit on your couch in boxers, alone, eating straight out of the ice cream container as visions of Penelope Cruz dance around your head -- or you can tune right into Cinematical for another fantastic, fun-filled year of Oscars live-blogging, with not one, not two, but three of our best writers going out of their way to make sure your Oscars night isn't boring.

Beginning tonight at 8pm EST, join Cinematical writers Eric D. Snider, Scott Weinberg and William Goss as they devour Hollywood's biggest night in real time as if it were an In-N-Out burger with all the fixin's. Can't watch the show? Wanna know who's winning what award as it happens? We've got you covered. (And while I may be a bit biased because I work with these guys every day, trust me when I say they are three of the most entertaining dudes I've ever met.)

Since we still have some time before the show, make sure you scroll through all our Oscar-related coverage from this past week. There's also plenty of extra fun to be had over at Moviefone's Oscars hub, as well as indieWIRE's awards hub.

8pm EST. Be here. The first 100 commenters get a free lifetime achievement award from the Academy ... but don't tell them we told you that.

UPDATE: We're now live with the first hour of live blogging!