The Oscar ballots are in, and as of Monday morning we'll have a fresh slate on which to start obsessing over who will take home the awards in 2010. The Hollywood Reporter already has their three picks: James Cameron's Avatar, Clint Eastwood's soon-to-be-filmed Nelson Mandela biopic The Human Factor, and Peter Jackson's long-awaited adaptation of The Lovely Bones.

I thought two sites could play the all-seeing eye game, and that I'd pose the same question to you based purely off Wikipedia's projected list. What will be in the running for 2010? Will Inglourious Basterds see a glorious return of Quentin Tarantino, who hasn't been nominated since Pulp Fiction? Could Rob Marshall's Nine, chock full of Oscar talent and favorites, be another award laden Chicago? Could Steven Soderbergh return to Academy favor with The Informant? Will The Road be released in time for Viggo Mortensen to be a contender? Could Johnny Depp earn a "here, just take it already" Oscar for Public Enemies? Could Watchmen be a dark horse? (Couldn't you just see the Academy, still stinging from The Dark Knight backlash decide to appease the comic book geeks by nominating Watchmen? "See, we get it! It is a respected genre!")

So, go at it and have fun. No film is too great, too small, or too offbeat to be excluded here, no actor or actress too implausible. Because if there's one thing the nominations this year proved, it's that all bets are off, and you've got the same chance whether you're Bruce Springsteen or Wanted.