When the Oscars roll around, we always talk about our predictions, our favorite wins, and our most infuriating losses and omissions. But rarely do we talk about the experience of watching the Oscars -- the memories that make the seemingly endless ceremony easier to stomach, or hard to forget.

For me, every time I hear the word "Oscar," at least part of my brain jettisons back to 2001. Oh, the dreaded year that lives in infamy in my brain! I was watching the telecast with a few friends and breathlessly waiting for the Best Actress award -- convinced that Ellen Burstyn would run off with the prize. After seeing her amazing performance as Sara Goldfarb in Requiem for a Dream, and seeing what that film did to everyone I brought to see it, I thought it was a lock. There was no way she could lose. And I needed something good after the disappointment that Richard Farnsworth lost the year before.
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