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-- I now hand you over to Sir William of Goss, for my cat is very hungry and I need to kick back for the big awards. As always, thanks for hanging at Cinematical for all your movie geekery.

10:28 -- Mr. Smith sticks around to give out Best Sound Editing (The Dark Knight) and Best Sound Mixing (Slumdog Millionaire).

10:27 -- Will Smith to dole out the Best Visual Effects award: Benjamin Button. I guess anyone who can make Brad Pitt can look ugly deserves an Oscar.

-- Action montage woulda been a lot cooler with the movies' noises instead of a lame rock song.

10:22 -- When Tom Cruise is being serious, he's dull. When he's being funny, he's pretty great. Who's with me? (This is in reference to the Tom Cruise / Jimmy Kimmel ad.) And now ... an action montage! Where's my volume button?

-- Pre-commercial female voice promises a 2008 Action Movie Montage! But first ... commercials!

-- Maher stays close by and gives the Best Documentary Short to Smile Pinki.